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</p> <p>Page 1 of 1<br /> 67C.131 Salaries for members of legislative council &#8212; Authorization to hire staff<br /> persons.<br /> (1) The salary of the members of the legislative council of a newly consolidated local<br /> government created by the provisions of KRS 67C.101 to 67C.137 shall be eighty <br />percent (80%) of that amount that is permitted for county commissioners on July <br />14, 2000, as provided by Section 246 of the Kentucky Constitution. In order to <br />equate the compensation of legislative council members with the purchasing power <br />of the dollar, the Department for Local Government shall compute by the second <br />Friday in February of every year the annual increase or decrease in the consumer <br />price index of the preceding year. The Department for Local Government shall <br />notify the appropriate governing bodies charged by law to fix the compensation of <br />the above elected officials of the annual rate of compensation to which the elected <br />officials are entitled in accordance with the increase or decrease in the consumer <br />price index. Upon notification from the Department for Local Government, the <br />appropriate governing body may set the annual compensation of the above elected <br />officials at a rate no greater than that stipulated by the Department for Local <br />Government.<br /> (2) Each legislative council member may hire one (1) full-time staff person.<br /> Effective: July 15, 2010 <br />History: Amended 2010 Ky. Acts ch. 117, sec. 62, effective July 15, 2010. &#8212; Amended<br /> 2007 Ky. Acts ch. 47, sec. 56, effective June 26, 2007. &#8212; Created 2000 Ky. Acts <br />ch. 189, sec. 16, effective July 14, 2000. </p> <p>