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</p> <p>Page 1 of 1<br /> 67C.303 Ordinance creating merit system and merit board &#8212; Duties of board &#8212;<br /> Appropriation of funds for expenses of board.<br /> (1) A consolidated local government shall, by ordinance, create a consolidated local<br /> government police force merit system and in the same ordinance shall establish a <br />consolidated local government police force merit board. A board shall classify and <br />examine applicants seeking employment as officers of the police force of the <br />consolidated local government, excluding applicants for the positions of chief, <br />assistant chief, and officers above the rank of captain. The board, except when <br />prohibited, shall promulgate rules and regulations not inconsistent with KRS <br />67C.301 to 67C.327 governing the classification, qualification, examination, <br />appointment, probation, promotion, demotion, suspension, and other disciplinary <br />action within the consolidated local government police force of all officers affected <br />and covered by the provisions of KRS 67C.301 to 67C.327, and shall hold hearings <br />and impose, if necessary, penalties upon the personnel affected by KRS 67C.301 to <br />67C.327.<br /> (2) The legislative council of the consolidated local government shall annually<br /> appropriate funds for the reasonable and necessary expenses of the board.<br /> Effective: July 15, 2002 <br />History: Created 2002 Ky. Acts ch. 339, sec. 2, effective July 15, 2002. </p> <p>