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</p> <p>Page 1 of 1<br /> 67C.317 Soliciting and receiving political contributions &#8212; Appointment or<br /> promotion for political service &#8212; Discipline for failure to make political <br />contribution &#8212; Opinions and beliefs &#8212; Political or religious controversies &#8212; <br />Political activity prohibited.<br /> (1) No officer while on duty or in uniform covered by the provisions of KRS 67C.301<br /> to 67C.327 shall directly or indirectly solicit or receive or be in any manner <br />concerned in receiving, soliciting, or publicizing any assessment, gift, subscription, <br />or contribution to or for any political party or candidate for public office.<br /> (2) No person shall use or promise to use his or her personal influence or official<br /> authority to secure any appointment or promotion to any position of employment <br />covered by the provisions of KRS 67C.301 to 67C.327, as a reward or return for <br />personal or partisan political service. No candidate applying for original <br />appointment or promotion to any position of employment covered by KRS 67C.301 <br />to 67C.327 shall sign or execute or promise to sign or execute a resignation dated or <br />undated in advance of his or her appointment or promotion. No officer covered by <br />the provisions of KRS 67C.301 to 67C.327 shall be suspended, laid off, demoted, <br />promoted, disciplined, or threatened, or in any way changed in rank, duty, or <br />compensation for withholding or neglecting to pay or make any contribution of any <br />sort, either in money, goods, services, or anything of value for any political purpose <br />whatsoever.<br /> (3) No examination question on any examination given by the board shall relate to any<br /> political or religious opinion, belief, affiliation, or service and no appointment, <br />promotion, demotion, suspension, or removal shall be brought about, affected, or <br />influenced by these opinions, beliefs, affiliations, or services.<br /> (4) No officer covered by the provisions of KRS 67C.301 to 67C.327 shall foster,<br /> promote, or be concerned with any actions involving political or religious <br />controversies or prejudices while in uniform.<br /> (5) No officer covered by KRS 67C.301 to 67C.327 and no probationary officer shall,<br /> while on duty, in uniform, or using public resources, propose or oppose the <br />placement of a question or advocate for the adoption or defeat of a question to be <br />voted upon by the voters of the government under which the officer is employed.<br /> (6) Nothing contained in KRS 67C.301 to 67C.327 shall be so construed as to abridge<br /> the rights of any officer with respect to his or her personal opinions, beliefs, and <br />right to vote.<br /> Effective: July 15, 2008 <br />History: Amended 2008 Ky. Acts ch. 135, sec. 2, effective July 15, 2008. &#8212; Amended<br /> 2003 Ky. Acts ch. 118, sec. 7, effective March 18, 2003. &#8212; Created 2002 Ky. Acts <br />ch. 339, sec. 9, effective July 15, 2002. </p> <p>