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</p> <p>Page 1 of 1<br /> 67C.325 Rights of officer brought before board &#8212; Subpoenas.<br /> Procedural due process shall be afforded to any police officer brought before the board. <br />The officer shall be given a prompt hearing by the board, have an opportunity to confront <br />his or her accusers, and have the privilege of presenting the board with evidence. The <br />board shall have the power to issue subpoenas attested in the name of its chairman, to <br />compel the attendance of witnesses, to compel the production of documents and other <br />documentary evidence, and so far as practicable, conduct the hearing within the Kentucky <br />Rules of Civil Procedure. Upon a showing of proper need, the board shall issue <br />subpoenas to compel the attendance of witnesses, or to compel the production of <br />documents and other documentary evidence for the benefits of the officer or the chief at <br />the request of the officer or the chief.<br /> Effective: March 18, 2003 <br />History: Amended 2003 Ky. Acts ch. 118, sec. 11, effective March 18, 2003. &#8212; Created<br /> 2002 Ky. Acts ch. 339, sec. 13, effective July 15, 2002. </p> <p>