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218A.1413 Trafficking in controlled substance in second degree &#8212; Penalties. (1) A person is guilty of trafficking in a controlled substance in the second degree when: <br />(a) He knowingly and unlawfully traffics in a controlled substance classified in Schedules I and II which is not a narcotic drug; or specified in KRS <br />218A.1412; or a controlled substance classified in Schedule III; but not <br />lysergic acid diethylamide, phencyclidine, synthetic cannabinoid agonists or <br />piperazines, salvia, or marijuana; or (b) He knowingly and unlawfully prescribes, orders, distributes, supplies, or sells an anabolic steroid for: <br />1. Enhancing performance in an exercise, sport, or game; or 2. Hormonal manipulation intended to increase muscle mass, strength, or <br />weight in the human species without a medical necessity. (2) Any person who violates the provisions of subsection (1) of this section shall: (a) For the first offense be guilty of a Class D felony. <br />(b) For a second or subsequent offense be guilty of a Class C felony. Effective: April 26, 2010 <br />History: Amended 2010 Ky. Acts ch. 149, sec. 10, effective April 13, 2010; and ch. 160, sec. 10, effective April 26, 2010. &#8212; Amended 1998 Ky. Acts ch. 606, <br />sec. 64, effective July 15, 1998. &#8212; Created 1992 Ky. Acts ch. 441, sec. 13, effective <br />July 14, 1992. Legislative Research Commission Note (4/26/2010). This section was amended by 2010 Ky. Acts chs. 149 and 160, which do not appear to be in conflict and have been <br />codified together.