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§ 7-306. Corporal punishment; State code of discipline.

(a)  Corporal punishment prohibited.- Notwithstanding any bylaw, rule, or regulation made or approved by the State Board, a principal, vice principal, or other employee may not administer corporal punishment to discipline a student in a public school in the State. 

(b)  Standards of conduct; implementation.- The State Board of Education shall: 

(1) Establish guidelines that define a State code of discipline for all public schools with standards of conduct and consequences for violations of the standards; and 

(2) Assist each county board with the implementation of the guidelines. 

(c)  Regulations.-  

(1) Subject to the provisions of subsections (a) and (b) of this section, each county board shall adopt regulations designed to create and maintain within the schools under its jurisdiction the atmosphere of order and discipline necessary for effective learning. 

(2) The regulations adopted by a county board under this subsection: 

(i) Shall provide for educational and behavioral interventions, counseling, and student and parent conferencing; and 

(ii) Shall provide alternative programs, which may include in-school suspension, suspension, expulsion, or other disciplinary measures that are deemed appropriate. 

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