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§ 10-124. Evaluation of impact.

(a)  "Business" defined.- In this section, "business" means a trade, professional activity, or other business that is conducted for profit. 

(b)  Required.-  

(1) Before a unit adopts a proposed regulation, the unit shall evaluate whether the proposed regulation has any impact on businesses. 

(2) To evaluate the impact, the unit shall: 

(i) on the basis of the sizes of the businesses that the proposed regulation might affect, divide those businesses into any classes that the unit considers appropriate for the proposed regulation; and 

(ii) particularly consider: 

1. the costs that the proposed regulation would impose on each class; and 

2. the difficulty of compliance for each class. 

(c)  Action after evaluation.- On the basis of the evaluation, the unit may adopt 1 or more regulations that apply differently to classes of businesses. 

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