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§ 49-7-38. Crossbow hunting licenses for elderly and disabled persons.

(1)  The commission may issue a special license to hunt deer, turkey and small game with a crossbow to any person sixty-five (65) years of age or older or to any person having a disability which totally and permanently prevents the person from using a longbow or other conventional archery equipment as first certified by one (1) physician duly licensed to practice medicine in the state. The commission shall designate the fee for the license. The commission shall set the crossbow season for small game. A special licensee under this section may take deer or turkey with a crossbow during the respective seasons on deer and turkey. 

(2)  The commission may issue a crossbow permit to hunt with a crossbow during the open seasons on deer with guns and primitive weapons. A person required to have a hunting license must have a license to take deer and turkey in order to obtain a crossbow permit. The commission shall establish a fee for the permit. 

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