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307.020. As used in sections 307.020 to 307.120, unless the contextrequires another or different construction:

(1) “Approved” means approved by the director of revenue and whenapplied to lamps and other illuminating devices means that such lamps anddevices must be in good working order;

(2) “Auxiliary lamp” means an additional lighting device on a motorvehicle used primarily to supplement the headlamps in providing generalillumination ahead of a vehicle;

(3) “Headlamp” means a major lighting device capable of providinggeneral illumination ahead of a vehicle;

(4) “Mounting height” means the distance from the center of the lampto the surface on which the vehicle stands;

(5) “Multiple-beam headlamps” means headlamps or similar devicesarranged so as to permit the driver of the vehicle to use one of two ormore distributions of light on the road;

(6) “Reflector” means an approved device designed and used to give anindication by reflected light;

(7) “Single-beam headlamps” means headlamps or similar devicesarranged so as to permit the driver of the vehicle to use but onedistribution of light on the road;

(8) “Vehicle” means every device in, upon or by which a person orproperty is or may be transported upon a highway, excepting devices movedby human power or used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks;

(9) “When lighted lamps are required” means at any time from ahalf-hour after sunset to a half-hour before sunrise and at any other timewhen there is not sufficient light to render clearly discernible personsand vehicles on the highway at a distance of five hundred feet ahead.Lighted lamps shall also be required any time the weather conditionsrequire usage of the motor vehicle's windshield wipers to operate thevehicle in a careful and prudent manner as defined in section 304.012,RSMo. The provisions of this section shall be interpreted to requirelighted lamps during periods of fog even if usage of the windshield wipersis not necessary to operate the vehicle in a careful and prudent manner.

(L. 1941 p. 438 § 8386c, A.L. 2004 S.B. 1233, et al.)

*Transferred 1969; formerly 304.270

(1953) Instruction submitting issue as to unlighted vehicle on highway held proper in case where motor vehicle collided with rear of unlighted truck. Arky v. Kessels (A.), 262 S.W.2d 357.

(1957) Court took judicial notice of fact that sun sets before 8:00 p.m. on May 17. State v. Powell (Mo.), 306 S.W.2d 531.

(1958) Permitting car to remain on roadway without lights at time lights were required by law held negligence per se. Glenn v. Offutt (A.), 309 S.W.2d 366.

(1976) Motorized wheelchair is a “vehicle” and subject to highway regulations. Vanasse v. Plautz (A.), 538 S.W.2d 928.