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State Codes and Statutes

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§ 14‑417.1.  Regulationof ownership or use of large constricting snakes.

(a)        As used in thisArticle, large constricting snakes shall mean: Reticulated Python, Pythonreticulatus; Burmese Python, Python molurus; African Rock Python, Python sebae;Amethystine Python, Morelia  amethistina; and Green Anaconda, Eunectes murinus;or any of their subspecies or hybrids.

(b)        It shall beunlawful for any person to own, possess, use, transport, or traffic in any ofthe large constricting snakes that are not housed in a sturdy and secureenclosure. Permanent enclosures shall be designed to be escape‑proof andshall have an operable lock. Transport containers shall be designed to beescape‑proof.

(c)        Each enclosureshall be labeled clearly and visibly with the scientific name, common name,number of specimens, and owner's identifying information. A written safetyprotocol and escape recovery plan shall be within sight of permanent housing,and a copy shall accompany the transport of any of the large constricting snakes.The safety protocol shall include emergency contact information, identificationof the local animal control office, and first aid procedures.

(d)        In the event of anescape of a large constricting snake, the owner or possessor shall immediatelynotify local law enforcement.  (2009‑344, s. 1.)