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State Codes and Statutes

Statutes > Virginia > Title-46-2 > Chapter-19 > 46-2-1955

§ 46.2-1955. Use of dealer's license plates and temporary transport plates oncertain vehicles traveling from one establishment to another for purpose ofhaving special equipment installed.

Notwithstanding the provisions of § 46.2-1952, dealer's license plates ortemporary transport plates may be used on T&M vehicles for the purpose ofdelivering these T&M vehicles to another establishment for the purpose ofhaving body work or any special permanently mounted equipment installed onthe T&M vehicles, and for the purpose of returning the T&M vehicle to thedealer whose plates are attached to the T&M vehicle, whether or not the titleto the T&M vehicle has been retained by the dealer, and no other license,permit, warrant, exemption card, or classification plate from any otheragency of the Commonwealth shall be required under these circumstances. Noother statute or regulation in conflict with the provisions of this sectionshall be applicable to the extent of the conflict. This section shall alsoapply to trips into the Commonwealth by a T&M vehicle owned and operatedoutside the Commonwealth to an establishment within the Commonwealth and tothe return trip of that T&M vehicle from the Commonwealth to another state,provided the operator of the T&M vehicle carries on his person when sooperating a bill of sale for the body work or special equipment.

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