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63.05 Certifications; appointments; temporary assignments.


(1) If an appointing authority in any county with a commission under ss. 63.01 to 63.16 learns that a vacancy has occurred or is about to occur in any position in the classified service in his or her department, the appointing authority shall notify the director of personnel of the vacancy. The appointing authority shall include with the notice of the vacancy a recommendation as to whether the vacancy should be filled by promotion, reduction or reinstatement of a named individual employee from any county department or from an eligible list established under s. 63.08. The director of personnel, with the approval of the commission, may:


(a) After verification by the appointing authority that the recommendation of the appointing authority is based on the employee's merit and fitness for the position and that the employee meets the established minimum qualifications for the position, certify the employee's name to the appointing authority; or


(b) Certify to the appointing authority the number of persons standing highest on the eligible list. The number of persons certified may be set by the commission by rule, subject to s. 63.08 (1) (f). The number set by the commission may not be less than 5. If less than 5 names appear on an eligible list at the time that the director of personnel receives the notice of a vacancy, the director may certify the names on the list and the appointing authority may:


1. Appoint from the certified names; or


2. Request the certification of additional names.


(2) From the names certified under sub. (1) (b), the appointing authority shall make a selection to fill a vacant position based solely on merit and fitness.


(3) If at the time the director of personnel receives a notice of a vacancy under sub. (1) there is no eligible list for the vacant position, the appointing authority may fill, temporarily, the position by an emergency appointment, subject to any rule or restriction which the commission adopts.

63.05 – ANNOT.

History: 1977 c. 196; 1983 a. 148.