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814.69 Fees of court reporters; transcripts.


(1) A court reporter shall collect the following fees:


(a) For a transcript under SCR 71.04, a fee at the rate of $1.50 per 25-line page for the original and 50 cents per 25-line page for the duplicate. Except as provided in s. 967.06 (3), the fee shall be paid by the county treasurer upon the certificate of the clerk of court.


(b) For a transcript under s. 757.57 (5), a fee from the party requesting the transcript at the rate of $2.25 per 25-line page for the original and 50 cents per 25-line page for each copy. If the request is by the state or any political subdivision thereof, the fees of the reporter shall be at the rates provided in par. (a).


(bm) If a party requests that a transcript under s. 757.57 (5) be prepared within 7 days after the request and the transcript is not required by supreme court rule or statute to be prepared within that 7-day period, a fee in addition to the fee under par. (b) of 75 cents per 25-line page for the original and 25 cents for each copy. The fee under this paragraph does not apply to a request made by the state or a political subdivision of the state.


(c) A reporter may make a special charge, pursuant to arrangement with the party requesting the same, for furnishing typewritten transcripts of testimony and proceedings from day to day during the progress of any trial or proceeding.


(d) For purposes of this section, a page other than the final page of a transcript shall consist of any 25 or more consecutive typewritten lines, double-spaced, on paper not less than 8 1/2 inches in width, with a margin of not more than 1 1/2 inches on the left and five-eighths of an inch on the right, exclusive of lines disclosing page numbering; type shall be standard pica with 10 letters to the inch. Questions and answers shall each begin a new line. Indentations for speakers or paragraphs shall be not more than 15 spaces from the left margin.

814.69 – ANNOT.

History: 1981 c. 317; 1985 a. 29; 1985 a. 332 s. 253; 1995 a. 27; 1997 a. 35, 237; 2001 a. 16; 2007 a. 20.

814.69 – ANNOT.

Counties are not required to provide free copy machine services to court reporters who collect fees under sub. (2) for furnishing transcripts to parties. 79 Atty. Gen. 157.

814.69 – ANNOT.

County employees who perform court reporting functions are “court reporters” under this section and may personally retain fees collected hereunder. The county may take the fees into account in setting salary structures. 81 Atty. Gen. 7.