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12-202.01. Preservation and destruction of records

A. The clerk of the supreme court may destroy or provide for the destruction of all documents, records, instruments, books, papers, depositions, exhibits and transcripts in any action or proceeding in the supreme court, or otherwise filed or deposited in the clerk's custody pursuant to rules adopted by the supreme court.

B. A photographic or electronic reproduction or image of any of the records described in this section, which has been certified by the person in charge of such reproduction as being an exact replica of the original, shall be received in evidence in all courts, and in hearings before any officer, board or commission having jurisdiction or authority to conduct such hearings, in like manner as the original.

C. The clerk shall notify the director of the Arizona state library, archives and public records of records designated for destruction pursuant to court rules. The state library, during the time prescribed by court rule, may review and inspect these records. During this time period, the state library may remove any of these records for storage and retrieval.