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17-603. Preexisting outdoor shooting ranges; noise buffering or attenuation

A. If an outdoor shooting range was constructed before July 1, 2002 in compliance with existing applicable county or municipal ordinances and zoning requirements and if property located within one mile of the exterior property boundary of the range is rezoned after July 1, 2002 for residential use or any other use that includes a school, hotel, motel, hospital or church, the zoning authority must provide for noise buffers or attenuation devices that are either:

1. Within the new development as a condition for developing the property or as supplied by the zoning authority.

2. Supplied or funded by the zoning authority for location in the range.

B. Property owners, developers, zoning authorities and ranges may negotiate and provide for noise buffers or attenuation devices located on or off the range.

C. Any noise buffering or attenuation under this section must comply with the state noise standards prescribed by section 17-602.