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State Codes and Statutes

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21-221. Fees and mileage

A. Each juror shall be paid by the county:

1. For each day's attendance upon the superior court or justice court, twelve dollars.

2. For each mile necessarily traveled from his residence to the court and back to his residence, an amount equal to the amount paid to state officers and employees pursuant to section 38-623, subsection A. Reimbursement shall be at the computed mileage rate regardless of whether the travel is accomplished by private, rented or chartered motor vehicle. When a juror necessarily returns to his residence and travels back to court during the period of service because of a recess ordered by the court, he shall be paid on the same basis for such travel.

B. Attendance on the court shall include the first day a juror is required to attend and shall continue each day of actual attendance on the court thereafter, until the juror is either temporarily or permanently excused from jury service. Any juror who is excused from further attendance upon the first day of this appearance in obedience to a summons shall receive a mileage allowance only.