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23-314. Wage board; membership; organization; quorum; compensation

A. A wage board shall be composed of three representatives of the employees in any occupation, trade or industry and an equal number of representatives chosen from among the employers in the occupation, trade or industry, and one industrial commissioner who shall be chairman.

B. The commission shall appoint as the members of the wage board the representatives of the employers to be selected from nominations submitted by employers and representatives from the employees employed in the occupation, trade or industry from nominations submitted by the employees in the occupation, trade or industry. All persons appointed as the representatives by the commission shall be citizens of the state and shall be selected from individuals engaged in the occupation, trade or industry for which a wage is being investigated.

C. Two-thirds of the members of the wage board constitute a quorum. The recommendations or report of the wage board shall require a vote of not less than a majority of all its members.

D. Members of the wage board, other than the industrial commissioner, shall, while engaged in a conference, receive five dollars per day and the necessary cost of transportation.

E. The commission shall make and establish from time to time rules and regulations governing the selection of a wage board and its manner of procedure not inconsistent with this article.