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32-1236. Dentist triennial licensure; forfeiture of license; reinstatement; license for each place of practice; notice of change of address or place of practice; retired and disabled licensees; penalties

A. Except as provided in section 32-4301, on or before June 30 of every third year, every licensed dentist shall submit to the board a passport size photograph taken of the dentist within the previous six months and pay a fee of six hundred fifty dollars. The fee prescribed by this subsection does not apply to a disabled or retired licensee.

B. A person applying for licensure for the first time in this state shall pay a prorated fee for the period remaining until the next June 30. This fee shall not exceed one-third of the fee established pursuant to subsection A of this section. Subsequent licensure renewal shall be conducted pursuant to this section.

C. A person who fails to pay a fee prescribed by this section forfeits the license. A license may be reinstated in the fiscal year in which it is forfeited by submitting a written application with payment of the fee plus a penalty of one hundred dollars. During the second fiscal year following forfeiture, reinstatement may be effected by submitting a written application and payment of the fees and all accumulated penalty fees. If a person fails to pay the fees for reinstatement before the beginning of the third fiscal year following the forfeiture of the license, the board shall require that person to successfully complete the regular examination before the board reinstates the license. Whenever issued, reinstatement is as of the date of application and entitles the applicant to licensure only for the remainder of the applicable three year period.

D. Each licensee must provide to the board in writing both of the following:

1. A primary mailing address.

2. The address for each place of practice.

E. A licensee maintaining more than one place of practice shall obtain from the board a duplicate license for each office. A fee set by the board shall be charged for each duplicate license. The licensee shall notify the board in writing within ten days of opening the additional place or places of practice. The board shall impose a penalty of fifty dollars for failure to notify the board.

F. A licensee who is over sixty-five years of age and who is fully retired and a licensee who is permanently disabled may contribute services to a recognized charitable institution and still retain that classification for triennial registration purposes on payment of a reduced renewal fee as prescribed by the board by rule.

G. A licensee applying for retired or disabled status shall relinquish any prescribing privileges and shall provide evidence that the licensee has surrendered to the United States drug enforcement administration any registration issued pursuant to the federal controlled substance act and has surrendered to the board any registration issued pursuant to section 36-2606. If the licensee holds a permit to dispense drugs and devices pursuant to section 32-1298, the licensee shall surrender that permit to the board.

H. A licensee who changes the licensee's primary mailing address or place of practice address shall notify the board of that change in writing within ten days. The board shall impose a penalty of fifty dollars if a licensee fails to notify the board of the change within that time. The board shall increase the penalty imposed to one hundred dollars if a licensee fails to notify it of the change within thirty days.