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32-1292. Restricted permits; expiration; renewal

A. The board may issue a restricted permit to practice dental hygiene to an applicant who:

1. Has a pending contract with a recognized charitable dental clinic or organization that offers dental hygiene services without compensation or at a rate that reimburses the clinic only for dental supplies and overhead costs and the applicant will not receive compensation for dental hygiene services provided at the clinic or organization.

2. Has a license to practice dental hygiene issued by a regulatory jurisdiction in the United States.

3. Has been actively engaged in the practice of dental hygiene for three years immediately preceding the application.

4. Is, to the board's satisfaction, competent to practice dental hygiene.

5. Meets the requirements of section 32-1284, subsection A that do not relate to examination.

B. A person who holds a restricted permit issued by the board may practice dental hygiene only in the course of the person's employment by a recognized charitable dental clinic or organization approved by the board.

C. The applicant for a restricted permit must file a copy of the person's employment contract with the board that includes a statement signed by the applicant that the applicant:

1. Understands that if that person's employment is terminated before the restricted permit expires, the permit is automatically revoked and that person must voluntarily surrender the permit to the board and is no longer eligible to practice unless that person meets the requirements of sections 32-1284 and 32-1285 or passes the examination required in this article.

2. Must be employed without compensation by a dental clinic or organization that is operated for a charitable purpose.

3. Is subject to the provisions of this chapter that apply to the regulation of dental hygienists.

D. The board may deny an application for a restricted permit if the applicant has:

1. Committed an act that is a cause for disciplinary action pursuant to this chapter.

2. While unlicensed, committed or aided and abetted the commission of any act for which a license is required pursuant to this chapter.

3. Knowingly made a false statement in the application.

E. A restricted permit expires either one year from the date of issue or June 30, whichever date first occurs. The board may renew a restricted permit for terms that do not exceed one year.