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32-1429. Locum tenens registration

A. The board may issue a registration to allow a doctor of medicine who is not a licensee to provide locum tenens medical services to substitute for or temporarily assist a doctor of medicine who holds an active license pursuant to this chapter or a doctor of osteopathy who holds an active license pursuant to chapter 17 of this title under the following conditions:

1. The applicant holds an active license to practice medicine issued by a state, district, territory or possession of the United States.

2. The applicant provides on forms and in a manner prescribed by the board proof that the applicant meets the applicable requirements of section 32-1422, 32-1423 or 32-1424.

3. The license of the applicant from the jurisdiction in which the applicant regularly practices medicine is current and unrestricted and has not been revoked or suspended for any reason and there are no unresolved complaints or formal charges filed against the applicant with any licensing board.

4. The doctor of medicine or doctor of osteopathy for whom the applicant for registration under this section is substituting or assisting provides to the board a written request for locum tenens registration of the applicant.

5. The applicant pays the fee prescribed under section 32-1436.

B. Locum tenens registration granted pursuant to this section is valid for a period of one hundred eighty consecutive days. A doctor of medicine is eligible to apply for and be granted locum tenens registration once every three years.