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32-1650.06. Certified medication assistants; disciplinary actions; civil penalties; revocation or denial of certificate

A. In regulating medication assistants, the board may:

1. Refer criminal violations to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

2. File a letter of concern if the board believes there is insufficient evidence to support direct action against a medication assistant's certificate but sufficient evidence for the board to notify a medication assistant of its concern.

3. Issue a decree of censure for a violation of this chapter or board rules.

4. Deny certification or recertification or take disciplinary action if a medication assistant commits an act of unprofessional conduct.

5. In addition to any other disciplinary action it may take, impose a civil penalty of not more than one thousand dollars.

B. The board shall revoke a certificate or deny an application for certification or recertification of a person who has one or more felony convictions and who has not received an absolute discharge from the sentences for all felony convictions five or more years before the date of filing an application pursuant to this chapter.