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32-1722. Qualifications of applicant; applications

A. A person of good moral character who desires to engage in the practice of the profession of optometry shall file with the board not less than thirty days before the date on which an examination is to be held a verified application with the required application fee that includes:

1. The applicant's name, age and address.

2. Documentation of graduation from a university or college that teaches the profession of optometry and that is accredited by a nationally accepted accrediting body on optometric education.

3. Documentation of satisfactory completion of an equivalent course of study that is approved by the board in didactic education, pharmacology and clinical training in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the human eye and its adnexa that either:

(a) Meets the contemporary educational requirements at colleges of optometry in the United States.

(b) Totals at least one hundred twenty hours.

4. Documentation of the successful passage of a written examination as prescribed by the board.

5. Background information on a form prescribed by the attorney general for the purpose of conducting an investigation into the existence of prior arrests and convictions.

6. Disclosure of any investigation conducted or pending by an optometric regulatory board in another jurisdiction in the United States.

B. On receipt of an application in proper form and containing the information prescribed in subsection A of this section, the board may investigate the applicant's character, ability and experience.

C. For the purposes of an investigation that is conducted pursuant to subsection B of this section, the board may subpoena witnesses, administer oaths and take testimony with respect to the character of the applicant or to any matter affecting the application at a hearing held after sufficient notice has been given.

D. If the board finds that the applicant has passed the examination provided for under section 32-1724 and that the applicant's character, ability and experience are satisfactory, the board shall issue a license.