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32-1773. Registration of nonresident dispensers; qualifications; fee

A. A nonresident dispenser may register with the board to dispense replacement soft contact lenses. Registration shall be effective for two years and subject to renewal.

B. The board shall set a fee for registration and for renewal of registration.

C. Applicants for registration or renewal shall provide to the board at the time for registration or renewal on a form prescribed by the board their name, address, name of principal corporate officers, if any, and name of all general partners, if any. The registration shall be accompanied by the required fee and a certified copy of the applicant's license from the licensing authority in their state of domicile and other information the board requires.

D. Registered dispensers shall submit a report to the board within thirty days of the change of its address, any officer, partner or pharmacist or of the status of its license in the state of domicile.

E. Registered dispensers shall maintain at all times a valid unexpired license, permit or registration to conduct the business of a pharmacist or pharmacy in their state of domicile.

F. The board may suspend, revoke or refuse to renew the registration of a registered dispenser or impose a civil sanction against a registered dispenser or any other person who:

1. Violates this article.

2. Obtained a registration by fraudulent or other material misrepresentation.

3. Has been convicted of a felony.

4. Has had their license suspended or revoked in any other jurisdiction.

5. Violates any other Arizona or federal law regulating the dispensing of replacement contact lenses.

6. Commits an offense in another jurisdiction which would be grounds for revocation or suspension in this jurisdiction.

G. The board shall issue a complaint to the registrant and set a hearing, which shall conform to the requirements of title 41, chapter 6.