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32-1830. Training permits; approved schools

The executive director may grant a one year training permit to a person who:

1. Participates in a program at an approved school of medicine or a hospital that has an approved hospital internship, residency or clinical fellowship training program if the purpose of the program is to exchange technical and educational information.

2. Pays the fee as prescribed in this article.

3. Submits a written statement from the dean of the approved school of osteopathic medicine or from the chairman of a teaching hospital's accredited graduate medical education program that:

(a) Includes a request for the permit and describes the purpose of the exchange program.

(b) Specifies that the host institution shall provide liability coverage.

(c) Provides proof that a doctor of medicine will serve as the preceptor of the host institution and provide appropriate supervision of the participant.

(d) States that the host institution has advised the participant that the participant may serve as a member of an organized medical team but shall not practice medicine independently and that this training does not accrue toward postgraduate training requirements for licensure.