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32-1857. Injunction

A. An injunction may be issued to enjoin the practice of osteopathic medicine by either of the following:

1. A person not licensed to practice osteopathic medicine nor exempt from the licensing requirement under this chapter.

2. A physician whose continued practice will or may cause irreparable damage to the public health and safety.

B. In a petition for injunction under subsection A, paragraph 1 it is sufficient to charge that the respondent on a certain day in a named county engaged in the practice of osteopathic medicine without a license and without being exempt from the licensing requirement under this chapter. For the purpose of this subsection damage or injury as a result of such practice is presumed.

C. A petition for injunction shall be filed in the name of this state by the board or at the request of the attorney general in Maricopa county or the county where the respondent resides or may be found.

D. Issuance of an injunction does not relieve the respondent from being subject to any other proceedings under law provided for in this chapter or otherwise. Violation of an injunction shall be punished as for contempt of court.

E. In all other respects injunction proceedings under this section shall be conducted in the same manner as other injunctions.