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32-1930. Types of permits; restrictions on permits; discontinuance of pharmacy permit

A. On application, the board may issue the following classes or kinds of permits:

1. A nonprescription drug permit to sell, retail, stock, expose or offer for sale at retail nonprescription drugs in the original package. A permittee is not required to conduct business in any fixed place.

2. If approved by the board, a pharmacy, limited service pharmacy, full service wholesale drug, nonprescription drug wholesale and drug manufacturer's permit.

3. Drug packager or drug prepackager permit to an individual or establishment that is currently listed by the United States federal food and drug administration and has met the requirements of that agency to purchase, repackage, relabel or otherwise alter the manufacturer's original package of an approved drug product with the intent of reselling these items to persons or businesses authorized to possess or resell the repackaged, prepackaged or relabeled drug.

4. A compressed medical gas distributor permit and a compressed medical gas supplier permit.

B. The board shall deny or revoke a pharmacy permit if a medical practitioner receives compensation, either directly or indirectly, from a pharmacy as a result of the practitioner's prescription orders. This does not include compensation to a medical practitioner who is the owner of a building where space is leased to a pharmacy at the prevailing rate, not resulting in a rebate to the medical practitioner.

C. If a pharmacy permanently discontinues operation the permittee shall immediately surrender the permit to the executive director. The permittee shall remove all drug signs and symbols, either within or without the premises, and shall remove or destroy all drugs, devices, poisons and hazardous substances.