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32-1973. Pharmacies; quality assurance

A. As prescribed by the board by rule, each pharmacy shall implement or participate in a continuous quality assurance program to review pharmacy procedures in order to identify methods for addressing pharmacy medication errors. The rules shall prescribe requirements to document compliance and any other provisions necessary for the administration of the program.

B. Records that are generated as a component of a pharmacy's ongoing quality assurance program and that are maintained for that program are peer review documents and are not subject to subpoena or discovery in an arbitration or civil proceeding. This subsection does not prohibit a patient from accessing the patient's prescription records or affect the discoverability of any records that are not generated only as a component of a pharmacy's ongoing quality assurance program and maintained only for that program.

C. A pharmacy meets the requirements of this section if it holds a current general, special or rural general hospital license from the department of health services and is any of the following:

1. Certified by the centers for medicare and medicaid services to participate in the medicare or medicaid programs.

2. Accredited by the joint commission on the accreditation of health care organizations.

3. Accredited by the american osteopathic association.