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32-1975. Legend drug products; listing; code identification; exemption; definitions

A. A legend drug product in finished solid oral dosage form shall not be manufactured or commercially distributed within this state unless it is clearly or prominently marked or imprinted with a code imprint identifying the drug product and the manufacturer or distributor of the drug.

B. All manufacturers or distributors of legend drugs in solid dosage form shall make available on request to the board a listing of all such legend drugs identifying by code imprint the manufacturer or distributor and the specific type of drug. The listing shall at all times be kept current by all manufacturers and distributors subject to this section.

C. The board shall adopt rules for implementing this section.

D. The board may grant exemptions from the requirements of this section on application of any drug manufacturer or distributor showing size, physical characteristics or other unique characteristics which render the application of a code imprint to a legend drug subject to this section impractical or impossible. Any exemption granted by the board shall be included by the manufacturer or distributor in the listing required by subsection B of this section, describing the physical characteristics and type of drug to which the exemption relates.

E. This section does not apply to drug products compounded by a pharmacist licensed under section 32-1924 in a pharmacy operating under a permit issued by the board.

F. For the purposes of this section:

1. "Code imprint" means a series of letters or numbers assigned by the manufacturer or distributor to a specific drug or marks or monograms unique to the manufacturer or distributor of the drug, or both.

2. "Distributor" means a person who distributes for resale a drug in solid dosage form under that person's own label even if that person is not the actual manufacturer of the drug.

3. "Legend drug" means any drug defined by section 503(b) of the federal food, drug and cosmetic act and under which definition its label is required to bear the statement "Rx only".

4. "Solid dosage form" means capsules or tablets intended for oral use.