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32-2197.02. Notice of intent to sell; application for timeshare plan public report; authorization for pre-sales

A. Any person who sells, offers to sell or attempts to solicit prospective purchasers located in this state to purchase a timeshare interest or any person who creates a timeshare plan with an accommodation in this state, whether or not the plan is sold or offered for sale in this state, shall register a notice of intent to sell and application for a public report with the department.

B. Except as otherwise provided in subsection C of this section, an application for a public report for a timeshare plan must contain the following documents and information:

1. The name and address of the owner and developer. If the holder of any ownership interest in the land is other than an individual, including a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, trust or other entity, a statement naming the type of legal entity and listing the interest and the extent of such interest of each principal in the entity. For the purposes of this paragraph, "principal" means any person or entity having a ten per cent or more financial interest or, if the legal entity is a trust, each beneficiary of the trust holding a ten per cent or more beneficial interest.

2. A comprehensive statement of the timeshare plan.

3. The legal description and location of the timeshare property being offered.

4. To the extent required by applicable local or state laws, a recorded map of the timeshare property showing book, page and date of recording or instrument number and date of recording, and if required by applicable local or state laws, approval by the county or city in which the timeshare property is located. A map, survey or location plan is required for incomplete timeshare properties. A timeshare property involving completed buildings where all purchasers are given an on-site tour prior to a financial commitment may not require a plat map. The need for a map, survey, location plan or building plan on such completed timeshare properties will be determined at the time of application.

5. A description of the total timeshare property in terms of the number of buildings, number of stories, number of units, common areas of the timeshare property or public use areas in any hotel, motel or other facility.

6. Proof of adequate financial arrangements and assurances for completion of any improvements included in the offering to be installed by the developer, the estimated schedule for completion of the improvements and provisions, if any, for the continued maintenance of the improvements.

7. A true statement of the availability of sewage disposal facilities and other public utilities including water, electricity, gas and telephone facilities in the timeshare property and the estimated schedule for their installation.

8. A statement of the provisions that have been made for permanent access, and provisions, if any, for health department approved sewage and solid waste collection and public utilities, including water.

9. A complete disclosure as to the operating costs of the timeshare plan, including all of the variable costs of operation, management and reserves and method of assessment, including evidence of financial arrangements which provide for the developer's guarantee of payment of assessment on unsold interests, or if the developer is not paying such costs, the effect such nonpayment will have on operating costs.

10. A statement that the developer must notify the commissioner if a timeshare plan accommodation may become subject to a tax or other lien arising out of claims against other purchasers in the same timeshare plan. The commissioner may require the developer to notify a prospective purchaser of any potential tax or lien that would materially and adversely affect the prospective purchaser.

11. A current preliminary title report for all accommodations comprising the timeshare property for which the application is being made.

12. The recorded declaration of dedication of the timeshare property or other timeshare instruments or contracts incorporating all covenants of the grantor or lessor and creating the timeshare interests and the provisions of the plan, if any, to include organization of an association.

13. A true statement as to the methods to be used in accordance with section 32-2197.12 to provide that the purchaser of a timeshare interest will not lose or have the purchaser's interest imperiled by the foreclosure of underlying liens, encumbrances or other obligations and that the developer can convey, or cause to be conveyed, the interest in the offering.

14. The terms and conditions as to how a purchaser's interest is to be conveyed including examples of all contracts, purchase agreements, deeds, fact sheets and other instruments to be used in marketing, financing and conveying timeshare interests.

15. A true statement as to title to personal property within the units or timeshare property incident to a purchaser's use and how purchasers will receive assured use of personal property during the term offered.

16. A statement of the provisions made for the management of the timeshare plan, including a copy of the management agreement, relationship with the developer and whether the management entity will be bonded or insured.

17. The name, street address, mailing address and telephone number of:

(a) The designated broker, if any, used by the developer.

(b) A managing entity of the timeshare plan.

18. Copies of all contracts and promotional material pertaining to any exchange program included in the offering.

19. If the timeshare property or timeshare plan being registered is located within the United States, but outside this state, each filing must include evidence that the timeshare property or timeshare plan is qualified for sale in the home state where the timeshare property or timeshare plan is located according to the standards or requirements for the sale of timeshare interests existing in the home state at the time of the filing.

20. if the timeshare property or timeshare plan being registered is located outside the United States, each filing of a foreign timeshare property or timeshare plan must include evidence establishing that all requirements of the country where the timeshare property or timeshare plan is located have been met for the sale of timeshare interests or the local equivalent of timeshare interests in the home country at the time of the filing.

21. A public report that complies with the requirements of section 32-2197.08.

22. Such other information and such other documents and certificates as the commissioner may reasonably require.

C. At the developer's request the commissioner may authorize the developer to conduct pre-sales of the timeshare plan before the issuance of a public report if the application for a public report is administratively complete, as determined by the commissioner or as established by rule. The authorization for pre-sales allows the developer to begin offering and selling timeshare interests while the application for the timeshare public report is in process. To obtain an authorization to conduct pre-sales, the developer shall do all of the following:

1. Submit a formal written request to the commissioner for an authorization to conduct pre-sales.

2. Submit an administratively complete application for a timeshare public report to the commissioner, including all appropriate fees and exhibits required under subsection B of this section.

3. Provide evidence acceptable to the commissioner that all monies received by the developer will be placed in an independent escrow account with instructions that monies will not be released until a timeshare public report has been granted.

4. Give each purchaser and prospective purchaser a copy of the proposed timeshare public report that the developer has submitted to the department with the initial application.

5. Give each purchaser the opportunity to cancel the purchase agreement in accordance with section 32-2197.03. The purchaser shall have an additional opportunity to cancel in accordance with section 32-2197.03 on the issuance of an approved timeshare public report only if the commissioner determines that there is a material and adverse change in the disclosures contained in the approved timeshare public report from those given to the purchaser in the proposed timeshare public report.