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32-2198.10. Advertising plans; disclosures; lotteries and drawings

A. Any advertising, communication or sales literature, including oral statements by salespersons or any other person, shall not contain:

1. Any untrue statement of material fact or any omission of material fact which would make the statements misleading in light of the circumstances under which such statements were made.

2. Any statement or representation that the membership camping contracts are offered without risk or that loss is impossible.

3. Any statement or representation or pictorial presentation of proposed improvements or nonexistent scenes without clearly indicating that the improvements are proposed and the scenes do not exist.

B. It is unlawful for any owner, developer, agent or employee of any membership camping project or other person with intent directly or indirectly to sell membership camping contracts to authorize, use, direct or aid in any advertising, communication, sales literature or promotional practice which violates this section.

C. This section does not apply to the owner or publisher of a newspaper or magazine or to any other publication of printed matter in which an advertisement appears or to the owner or operator of a radio or television station which disseminates an advertisement if the owner, publisher or operator has no knowledge of the intent, design or purpose of the advertiser.

D. The commissioner may adopt rules permitting lotteries and drawings for the purpose of inducing prospective buyers to attend a sales presentation or to take a campground tour and establishing requirements and conditions for lotteries and drawings. These requirements and conditions shall include that:

1. No membership camping operator may hold a lottery or drawing who does not also have pursuant to section 32-2198.14 a recorded nondisturbance agreement, a bond or irrevocable letter of credit or some other financial assurance acceptable to the commissioner. The commissioner may require the campground operator to provide an independent auditor's report by a certified public accountant or other expert concerning the campground operator's financial condition.

2. No lottery or drawing may be held unless approved in advance by the commissioner.

3. The membership camping operator shall submit an application for approval of a lottery or drawing on a form approved by the commissioner and a fee of at least one hundred dollars and not more than two hundred fifty dollars.

4. The department shall require the applicant to pay all costs of field inspections to audit or oversee the operation of any drawing or lottery, including mileage, lodging and time spent in the field inspections and any experts employed to assist the department.

5. The deed, title, cash amount or other prize or guarantee of the prize shall be held by the department or in a neutral escrow by a disinterested third party approved by the department, pending the award of the prize to the lottery or drawing winner.

6. Any lottery or drawing shall be limited in time, scope and geographic location. The estimated odds of winning and terms of the lottery or drawing shall be disclosed in writing to participants.

7. No fee may be charged to any person who participates in a lottery or drawing.

8. The commissioner may deny or revoke any authorization to conduct a lottery or drawing to any person if the campground operator or broker or a salesperson violates any statute or rule adopted or order issued by the commissioner.

9. Violations of any requirements or conditions set forth in this section or by rule shall be grounds for the commissioner to deny future applications to hold lotteries or drawings.

10. The membership camping broker is responsible at all times for the lawful and proper conduct of any lottery or drawing.

E. No campground facility may be advertised or promoted in any way that appears to guarantee the unimpeded use of or access to campground properties, if a blanket encumbrance exists on the properties, unless a nondisturbance or other acceptable agreement has been recorded, filed and accepted by the department pursuant to section 32-2198.14.