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32-2292. Animal crematory license; application; nontransferability; expiration; renewal

A. Any person who desires to establish premises at or from which animal cremation services are offered to the public shall file with the board an application for an animal crematory license accompanied by the license fee.

B. The application shall be on a form prescribed and furnished by the board and shall contain:

1. The name and location of the animal crematory.

2. The name of the person owning the animal crematory and the name and signature of the person responsible to the board for the operation of the animal crematory.

3. A description of the services provided at or from the animal crematory.

C. A license is not subject to sale, assignment or transfer, voluntary or involuntary. A license is not valid for any animal crematory other than that for which it is issued. If there are major changes in the scope of animal crematory services offered, the animal crematory is subject to reinspection.

D. A change of responsible owner cancels an animal crematory license. The responsible owner shall surrender the animal crematory license to the board within twenty days after the change in responsible owner. The failure of the responsible owner to notify the board in writing within twenty days after a change in responsible owner is grounds for disciplinary action.

E. Except as provided in section 32-4301, a license expires on December 31 of every even numbered year unless suspended or revoked. A license is renewable for two years on payment of the renewal fee. If the renewal fee is not paid before February 1 following the expiration of the license, a penalty fee of one hundred dollars shall be paid in addition to the renewal fee before the animal crematory may be relicensed.

F. Within ninety days after receipt of an initial application and fee, the board shall issue a license if the application demonstrates compliance with this article or shall notify the applicant at the last address of record if the application is not in conformance with this article. Animal cremation services may be performed at any animal crematory for which an application fee is submitted pending issuance of the license or notification of a deficiency in the application.