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32-2324.01. Fungi inspection reports

A. Fungi inspection reports may only be completed by a licensed applicator or qualifying party who is licensed in the fungi category and who has received at least eight hours of instruction from the office or the former structural pest control commission or an in-house education program of a business licensee on the subject of fungi inspection and inspection reports. An examination on the instruction is not required. The business licensee shall keep a record of the completion of the training and shall make the record available on the acting director's request.

B. Fungi inspection reports shall be on file in the office of the business licensee within seven calendar days after the completion of an inspection. The business licensee shall retain a copy of all completed fungi inspection reports for five years and make the reports available on the acting director's request.

C. Fungi inspection reports are evidence of the existence or absence of fungi that was visible and accessible to an inspector on the date the inspection was made. A business licensee remains responsible for the accuracy of the inspection and the report as evidence of the presence or absence of fungi on the date of inspection, except that a fungi inspection report shall not be construed as a guarantee as to the presence or absence of fungi in a structure after the date of inspection.

D. The acting director shall approve a fungi inspection report form for use in fungi inspections.