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32-2613. Application for agency license; financial responsibility; notice and opportunity to supply additional information

A. Every application for an original or renewal agency license to operate as a private security guard service shall set forth verified information to assist the department in determining the applicant's ability to meet the requirements set forth in this chapter and shall include the following:

1. The full name and business address of the applicant.

2. The name under which the applicant intends to do business.

3. A statement as to the general nature of the business in which the applicant intends to engage, including identification of armed security guard training requirements and identification of employees acting as armed security guards.

4. Photographs of the applicant of a number and type prescribed by the department.

5. Fingerprints of the applicant of a quality and number prescribed by the department for the purpose of obtaining state and federal criminal records checks pursuant to section 41-1750 and Public Law 92-544. The department may exchange this fingerprint data with the federal bureau of investigation. The department may conduct periodic state criminal history checks to ensure continued qualification under this chapter.

6. A verified statement of the applicant's experience and qualifications.

7. Such other information, evidence, statements or documents as may reasonably be required by the director.

B. If the applicant is other than an individual, each of its partners, resident officers, associates, directors and managers, in addition to its qualifying party, shall comply with the requirements of subsection A of this section. If the applicant is other than an individual, the application shall contain the full name and address of each of its board members, the president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. The person who will manage the business conducted in this state shall comply in full with the requirements of subsection A of this section.

C. An application for an original or a renewal agency license shall be accompanied by:

1. The fee as prescribed pursuant to section 32-2607.

2. A certificate of a liability insurance policy, issued by an insurance company licensed or authorized to do business in this state. The minimum limits of such liability insurance policies shall be established by the department. Any insurer issuing such a policy shall give written notice to the department of any cancellation of such policy. Such notice shall be given by the insurer to the director at least ten days before such cancellation by certified mail.

3. A certificate of workers' compensation insurance.

4. A completed form describing the agency's training program for employees as described in section 32-2632, subsection A, including training requirements for and identification of armed security guards employed by the agency. The form shall be as prescribed by the director and require such information as the director deems necessary.

D. If an application is incomplete, the department shall notify the applicant pursuant to section 41-1074. If the department requires additional information to make a decision on licensure, the department shall notify the applicant pursuant to section 41-1075. The department shall send notices under this subsection to the applicant's last known residential address and shall include sufficient information to assist the applicant to complete the application process. The applicant has forty-five calendar days from the date of notification to provide the additional documentation. If the applicant fails to respond within forty-five calendar days, the application and any certificates issued are automatically suspended until the department receives the necessary documentation to approve or deny the application.