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32-2802. Medical radiologic technology board of examiners; appointment; terms; compensation; meetings; removal; employees; immunity

A. The medical radiologic technology board of examiners is established as a division of the agency. The board is composed of the director of the radiation regulatory agency, or the director's designee, who serves as chairman and the following members appointed by the governor:

1. Four members who are practicing radiologic technologists, who have at least five years' experience and who hold radiologic technology certificates issued pursuant to this chapter.

2. Two public members. Only a person who has never been a member, or a spouse of a member, of a health care delivery profession, and who has never had a material financial interest in the providing of health care or in a directly related activity, is eligible to be a public member of the board.

3. Two members who are licensed practitioners, one of whom is a radiologist.

4. One member who is a practical technologist in radiology, who has at least five years' experience and who is a current license holder.

5. One member who is a practicing nuclear medicine technologist, who has at least five years' experience in that field and who holds an active certificate issued pursuant to this chapter.

B. All members serve a term of three years to begin and end on the third Monday of January in the appropriate year. The governor shall fill a vacancy that occurs before the expiration of a term for the unexpired term.

C. Each board member is eligible to receive compensation as determined pursuant to section 38-611.

D. The board shall meet at least once every six months at times and places determined by the board. Special meetings also may be held at such times as the board may decide or on the call of the chairman. A written notice of the time, place and purpose of any special meeting shall be mailed to all members of the board.

E. The agency may provide additional professional, technical, secretarial and clerical assistance as the board may require to carry out its functions.

F. The board shall hold examinations for applicants for certificates pursuant to this chapter at least once every six months, at times and places as the board may determine.

G. The governor may terminate the term of a board member and declare the position vacant if the member fails to attend three consecutive board meetings.

H. The board may hire practicing radiologic technologists and other medical specialists to assist it in preparing and administering examinations. These specialists shall receive the same compensation as board members.

I. The board may employ temporary and permanent personnel necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

J. Board members, board staff and board examiners are personally immune from suit for all actions taken in good faith in furtherance of the purposes of this chapter.