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32-2912. Qualifications of applicant; applications

A. The board shall grant a license to practice medicine as a homeopathic physician to an applicant who meets all of the following requirements:

1. Is a person of good moral character.

2. Holds a degree from an approved school of medicine or has received a medical education that the board determines is of equivalent quality.

3. Holds a license in good standing to practice medicine or osteopathic medicine that is issued under chapter 13 or 17 of this title or by another state, district or territory of the United States.

4. Has a professional record that indicates that the applicant has not had a license to practice medicine refused, revoked, suspended or restricted in any way by any state, territory, district or country for reasons that relate to the physician's ability to competently and safely practice medicine.

5. Has a professional record that indicates that the applicant has not committed any act or engaged in any conduct that would constitute grounds for disciplinary action against a licensee under this chapter.

6. Has the physical and mental capacity to safely engage in the practice of medicine.

7. Pays all fees and costs required by the board.

8. Completes the application required by the board.

B. The board may require an applicant to submit additional written or oral information and may conduct additional investigations if it determines that this is necessary to adequately inform itself of the applicant's ability to meet the requirements of this chapter. If an applicant has had a license revoked by or has surrendered a license to, another jurisdiction, the applicant may attempt to demonstrate to the board's satisfaction that the applicant is completely rehabilitated with respect to the conduct that was the basis for the revocation or surrender of the license.

C. The board shall vacate its previous order to deny a license if that denial was based on the applicant's conviction of a felony or an offense involving moral turpitude and that conviction has been reversed on appeal. The physician may resubmit an application for licensure as soon as the court enters the reversal.

D. If the board finds that an applicant has committed an act or engaged in conduct that would constitute grounds for disciplinary action, the board shall determine to its satisfaction that the conduct has been corrected, monitored and resolved. If the matter has not been resolved, before it issues a license the board shall determine to its satisfaction that mitigating circumstances exist that prevent its resolution.

E. Except as provided in subsection C, a person shall not submit an application for reinstatement or a new application within five years after the person has completely corrected the conduct and made full legal restitution to the board's satisfaction.

F. An applicant shall submit a verified completed application to the board in a form and within a period of time prescribed by the board. The application shall include:

1. The application fee.

2. Affidavits from three physicians who are licensed to practice medicine in any state or district of the United States and who are in active practice. The physicians shall attest to the applicant's good moral character and fitness to practice homeopathic medicine.

3. A diploma or certificate conferring the degree of doctor of medicine in homeopathy issued by a homeopathic college or any other educational institution approved by the board or documentation of the applicant's successful completion of preceptorships or formal postgraduate courses approved by the board.

4. Proof that the applicant has served a board approved internship.

5. The applicant's oath that:

(a) All of the information contained in the application and the accompanying evidence or other credentials is correct.

(b) The applicant submitted the credentials without fraud or misrepresentation and that the applicant is the lawful holder of the credentials.

(c) The applicant authorizes the release to the board of any information from any source that the board determines is necessary for it to act on the application.

G. The board shall promptly inform an applicant in writing of any deficiency in the application that prevents the board from acting on it.

H. The board shall consider an application withdrawn if any of the following is true:

1. The applicant submits a written request to withdraw the application.

2. The applicant without good cause fails to appear for a board interview.

3. The applicant fails to submit information to the board within one year of the board's request for that information.

4. The applicant fails to complete the required examination or personal interview within one year of submitting the application.