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32-322. Barber license; application; qualifications; reciprocity

A. An applicant for a barber license shall file the following with the board:

1. A written application on a form prescribed by the board.

2. Evidence satisfactory to the board that the applicant possesses the necessary qualifications.

3. One signed photograph.

B. Each applicant shall:

1. Be at least sixteen years of age.

2. Have completed and received appropriate credits for at least two years of high school education or its equivalent as prescribed by the board in its rules.

3. Pass an examination given under the direction of the board.

4. Pay the prescribed fees.

5. Be a graduate of a school licensed pursuant to this chapter or a graduate of a school or program in another state which at the time of his graduation met the barber licensing requirements of that state.

C. An applicant who holds a valid license to practice barbering issued by another state which has, in the opinion of the board, licensure requirements that are substantially equivalent to the requirements of this state and which grants similar reciprocal privileges to barbers licensed by this state and who has at least one year's experience as a licensed barber is exempt from subsection B, paragraph 3.

D. Notwithstanding subsection B, paragraph 5, an applicant for a barber license who holds a cosmetologist license issued pursuant to chapter 5 of this title shall complete a seven hundred fifty hour course of study consisting of barbering techniques in a barbering school licensed pursuant to this chapter.