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32-3253. Powers and duties

A. The board shall:

1. Adopt rules consistent with and necessary or proper to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

2. Administer and enforce this chapter, rules adopted pursuant to this chapter and orders of the board.

3. Issue a license by examination, reciprocity or temporary recognition to, and renew the license of, each person who is qualified to be licensed pursuant to this chapter. The board must issue or deny a license within one hundred eighty days after the applicant submits a completed application.

4. Establish a licensure fee schedule annually, by a formal vote at a regular board meeting.

5. Collect fees and spend monies.

6. Keep a record of all persons licensed pursuant to this chapter, actions taken on all applications for licensure, actions involving renewal, suspension, revocation or denial of a license or probation of licensees and the receipt and disbursal of monies.

7. Adopt an official seal for attestation of licensure and other official papers and documents.

8. Employ temporary or permanent personnel as it deems necessary.

9. Conduct investigations and determine on its own motion if a licensee or an applicant has engaged in unprofessional conduct, is incompetent or is mentally or physically unable to engage in the practice of behavioral health.

10. Conduct disciplinary actions pursuant to this chapter and board rules.

11. Establish and enforce standards or criteria of programs or other mechanisms to ensure the continuing competence of licensees.

12. Establish and enforce compliance with professional standards and rules of conduct for licensees.

13. Engage in a full exchange of information with the licensing and disciplinary boards and professional associations for behavioral health professionals in this state and other jurisdictions.

14. Subject to section 35-149, accept, expend and account for gifts, grants, devises and other contributions, money or property from any public or private source, including the federal government. Monies received under this paragraph shall be deposited, pursuant to sections 35-146 and 35-147, in special funds for the purpose specified, which are exempt from section 35-190 relating to lapsing of appropriations.

B. The board may join professional organizations and associations organized exclusively to promote the improvement of the standards of the practice of behavioral health, protect the health and welfare of the public or assist and facilitate the work of the board.

C. The board may establish a confidential program for the monitoring of licensees who are chemically dependent and who enroll in a rehabilitation program that meets the criteria prescribed by the board. The board may take further action if a licensee refuses to enter into a stipulated agreement or fails to comply with the terms of a stipulated agreement. In order to protect the public health and safety, the confidentiality requirements of this subsection do not apply if a licensee does not comply with the stipulated agreement.