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State Codes and Statutes

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32-825. Examination of applicants for licensure

A. An applicant for licensure shall take and pass an examination as prescribed by the board.

B. Examinations shall be held each June and December unless otherwise provided by the board.

C. An examination consists of the following:

1. A state oral examination approved by the board.

2. A national board written examination.

D. A score of at least seventy-five per cent is required to pass both examinations. Scores shall not be averaged.

E. The board may accept national board scores from another state for the written part of an applicant's score if the board is satisfied that the score is a national board score prepared by the professional examination service, was received by the applicant within the preceding five years and is on record at the professional examination service. Scores the board receives from the national board examination shall be transcribed and recorded from the professional examination service.

F. All examination materials, records of examination grading and performance records of educational institutions concerning applicants or licensees are confidential and are not public records.