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36-1926. Temporary license; sponsorship; termination of sponsorship

A. An applicant who fulfills the requirements of section 36-1923 may apply to the director for a temporary license.

B. On receiving an application as provided by subsection A of this section, accompanied by an application fee and proof of sponsorship, the director shall issue a temporary license. A temporary license allows the licensee to practice the fitting and dispensing of hearing aids for a period ending on the last day of the month following a scheduled examination.

C. An applicant shall provide proof to the satisfaction of the director that the applicant is or will be supervised and trained for fitting and dispensing activities by a sponsor licensed pursuant to this chapter.

D. A sponsor may terminate sponsorship at any time and for any reason. The director shall not review the reasons for the termination. A temporary license terminates on the date that the director receives notice from the sponsor that the sponsor is terminating sponsorship. This notice shall be accompanied by documentation that the sponsor has notified the licensee of the termination. The director shall prescribe by rule how the sponsor shall document this notification of termination. A person whose license is terminated shall apply for a new temporary license as prescribed by this section and shall not practice until granted a license.

E. A person shall either take the next examination that is given following issuance of a temporary license or renew the temporary license. If the person takes and fails the examination the person may renew the temporary license once. The person shall take the next examination following the issuance of the renewal license. If the person does not take the examination but renews the temporary license, the person shall take the next examination following issuance of renewal of the temporary license.

F. The director shall not issue a renewal to a person who has renewed a temporary license and failed the examination.

G. A temporary license expires on the last day of the month following the next scheduled examination.

H. The director may revoke or suspend a temporary license in the same manner and for the same reasons as prescribed pursuant to section 36-1934.