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36-1976. Revocation or suspension of license

A. The commission may revoke or suspend a license issued under this article, place a licensee on probation, issue a reprimand or impose a civil penalty for any of the following reasons:

1. Unprofessional conduct.

2. A violation of this article.

3. Gross negligence or incompetence in the performance of duties.

4. Fraud, dishonesty or corruption.

5. Inability to perform the duties of an interpreter at a level of skill that is required by the commission.

6. Conviction of a felony offense or any other offense involving moral turpitude.

7. Failing to meet minimum qualifications as prescribed by this article.

8. Adjudication of insanity or incompetency.

B. Before it takes disciplinary action pursuant to this section, the commission shall give a licensee notice and an opportunity for a hearing pursuant to its rules.

C. The commission may issue subpoenas, examine witnesses and administer oaths pursuant to a hearing held under this section.