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36-2918.01. Duty to report fraud or abuse; immunity

A. All contractors, subcontracted providers of care and noncontracting providers shall notify the director or the director's designee immediately in a written report of any cases of suspected fraud or abuse. The director shall review the report and conduct a preliminary investigation to determine if there is sufficient basis to warrant a full investigation. If the findings of a preliminary investigation give the director reason to believe that an incident of fraud or abuse has occurred, the matter shall be referred to the attorney general.

B. Any person making a complaint or furnishing a report, information or records in good faith pursuant to this section is immune from any civil liability by reason of that action unless that person has been charged with or is suspected of the fraud or abuse reported.

C. Any contractor, subcontracted provider of care or noncontracting provider who fails to report pursuant to this section commits an act of unprofessional conduct and is subject to disciplinary action by the appropriate professional regulatory board or department.