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36-413. Nutrition and feeding assistants; training programs; regulation; civil penalty; definition

A. The department may adopt rules to prescribe minimum standards for training programs for nutrition and feeding assistants in licensed skilled nursing facilities, including instructor qualifications, and may grant, deny, suspend and revoke approval of any training program that violates these standards. These standards must include:

1. Screening requirements.

2. Initial qualifications.

3. Continuing education requirements.

4. Testing requirements to assure competency.

5. Supervision requirements.

6. Requirements for additional training based on patient needs.

7. Maintenance of records.

8. Special feeding requirements based on level of care.

B. Pursuant to section 36-431.01, the department may impose a civil penalty on a training program that violates standards adopted by the department.

C. If the department adopts standards for training programs pursuant to subsection A of this section, the department, as part of its routine inspection of a health care facility that provides a training program, shall determine the facility's compliance with these standards.

D. For the purposes of this section, "nutrition and feeding assistant" has the same meaning as paid feeding assistant as defined in 42 Code of Federal Regulations part 483 and section 488.301.