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38-766. Retired members; return to work; suspension of benefits; exceptions; maximum benefit

A. A retired member who is engaged to work by an employer for at least twenty weeks in each fiscal year and at least twenty hours per week resumes active membership in ASRS. ASRS shall suspend payment of the member's retirement benefits until the member either:

1. Terminates employment and files an application for reretirement on a form that is approved by the director.

2. Attains a normal retirement date, no longer meets the requirements for active membership pursuant to this subsection and files an application for reretirement on a form that is approved by the director.

B. A member who satisfies subsection A, paragraph 1 or 2 of this section is entitled to receive an annuity recomputed to include the additional compensation and credited service. However, the recomputed annuity shall be in the original optional form chosen pursuant to section 38-760, with the same beneficiary, if applicable, as when the member first retired, unless the member has resumed active membership for at least sixty consecutive months. A member who retired under a provision of law allowing increased benefits if the retirement occurred during a specific period of time and who subsequently becomes an employee under ASRS shall not retain the increased benefits under the prior law when benefits are computed for the member's most recent retirement.

C. Notwithstanding subsection A of this section, ASRS shall not suspend the payment of retirement benefits if a retired member begins or returns to employment with an employer in a position that satisfies all of the following:

1. Results in a true change in position, job duties and job title from the position occupied by the member before ASRS retirement.

2. Either:

(a) Requires participation in another state retirement system, plan or program and the retired member makes contributions or waives participation pursuant to section 38-804, subsection A.

(b) Permits a member to elect to participate in another state retirement system, plan or program and the member makes such an election.

3. Does not require membership in the defined benefit plan established by this article.

D. A retired member who returns to work pursuant to subsection C of this section does not accrue credited service, member service as provided in section 15-1628, subsection B, paragraph 4, additional account balances, retirement benefits or long-term disability program benefits pursuant to article 2.1 of this chapter for the period the retired member returns to work. The period the retired member returns to work is not eligible for purchase under section 38-743 or 38-744.

E. Section 38-769, subsection L applies when determining the maximum benefit that may be paid to a retired member who resumes active membership and subsequently retires.