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42-11009. Public access to valuation and assessment information

A. The county assessor or the department shall:

1. Make public documents and public records that relate to locally assessed property valuation and assessment available to the public in the media and format in which they are maintained on or before the date prescribed by law on which the contents of the document become official and effective. The assessor or the department shall make information relating to notices of valuation prescribed in chapter 15, article 3 of this title available to the taxpayer or the taxpayer's representative in the media and format in which it is maintained, including microfiche and electronic media, on or before the date these notices are mailed.

2. Notwithstanding paragraph 1, on request, reproduce and deliver those public documents and records within ten days after the date of the request. If the assessor cannot reasonably provide the copies within ten days, the assessor shall provide a written estimate of the time that is reasonably necessary to provide the copies. If the assessor fails to provide the requested copies within ten days or fails to provide an estimate of the time that is reasonably necessary to provide the copies, the person making the request may bring an action to compel compliance with this section and may obtain an award of legal costs and reasonable attorney fees pursuant to section 39-121.02.

3. On written request, furnish the requested public information on electronic media if the requested information is maintained electronically. Information shall be furnished under this paragraph in the media and format in which the assessor maintains it.

B. Information obtained for the purpose of preparing and defending a property tax appeal is not considered to be obtained for a commercial purpose as defined in section 39-121.03. The assessor or department may charge the actual cost of reproducing information under this section. The assessor or department, on request, shall provide written documentation to support the reproduction costs charged. The assessor or department shall not assess a fee for granting a release of public information that is in the possession or custody of the assessor, the department or another official.