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42-5031.01. Distribution of revenues for Indian tribal postsecondary educational institutions; definition

A. Subject to subsection C of this section, each month the state treasurer shall transmit to the treasurer or other designated depository of each qualifying Indian tribe the amount of transaction privilege tax revenues received pursuant to this article in the preceding month from all sources located on the Indian reservation established for the qualifying Indian tribe as determined pursuant to section 42-5029, subsection A, paragraph 3.

B. The monies distributed pursuant to this section are for the exclusive purpose of supporting the maintenance, renewal and capital expenses of one or more community colleges in this state that are owned, operated or chartered by each qualifying Indian tribe on its own Indian reservation. Before receiving any monies under this section, a qualifying Indian tribe shall enter into a compact with this state, signed by the governor, to account for the use of monies distributed pursuant to this section. The compact shall:

1. Be for a term of at least ten years. After a hearing and review of the compact by the joint legislative budget committee held during the last year of the compact's term, a compact may be renewed for an additional term of up to ten years.

2. Require the monies to be used primarily for capital needs including maintenance and renewal of existing facilities at designated community college campuses on the qualifying Indian tribe's own reservation in this state.

3. Provide for audits by the auditor general of the use of the monies. The auditor general shall submit copies of each audit to the joint legislative budget committee.

4. If necessary, provide for reimbursement to the department of revenue of costs associated with implementing this section, not to exceed one hundred fifty thousand dollars, from revenues that would otherwise be paid to the qualifying Indian tribe pursuant to this section.

C. Notwithstanding subsection A of this section, the state treasurer shall not transmit in any fiscal year more than one million seven hundred fifty thousand dollars or more than one-tenth of transaction privilege tax revenues received pursuant to this article from all sources located on the reservation, whichever is less.

D. For the purposes of this section, "qualifying Indian tribe" means an Indian tribe that owns, operates and charters any community college or postsecondary educational institution located on its own reservation in this state.