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48-1791. Initial general plan of works for district

A. Immediately upon qualifying, the first board of directors shall investigate the different ways by which power can be brought into or generated within or without the district in such a manner as to be efficiently distributed to the users for irrigation purposes. The board shall determine what kind of power is most efficient and economical and in what manner and by what means it can be secured.

B. For the purpose of bringing hydroelectric or other kind of power into the district, if it can be more efficiently generated or procured at some point outside the district, the board of directors may construct lines, conduits and necessary equipment or other means of bringing such power into the district, and such other construction, plants and equipment as in the judgment of the board is necessary or useful for the purpose of generating or otherwise producing or procuring the power and making it available to the users of the district.

C. For the purpose of procuring power, the district may undertake and complete all necessary or useful construction outside the district but it may not perform construction work for the purpose of delivering the power outside the district.

D. Having determined upon a general plan, the board of directors shall determine from reliable estimates the character and amount of construction which the board has determined upon as necessary to carry out the general plan.