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48-4461. Duties of the board

A. The board of directors shall:

1. Manage and conduct the business and affairs of the district.

2. Make and execute all necessary contracts and other instruments that shall be signed by the president or by another board member or an employee of the district designated for that purpose.

3. Establish and enforce bylaws, resolutions, ordinances and policies for governing the board and the organization and management of the business and affairs of the district.

4. Determine the boundaries of the divisions in the district that shall be numbered respectively divisions one, two, three, four, five and six. After each United States decennial census the board shall define the boundaries and limits of each division and shall:

(a) Make the divisions equal or as nearly equal in population as is practicable, based on the census.

(b) Make the configuration of each division as compact as practicable consistent with equal population.

(c) Preserve existing communities of interest within the same division to the extent practicable.

(d) If possible, align the divisions over identified groundwater sub-basins and the division boundaries along existing voting precinct boundaries, survey lines or political or administrative boundaries.

5. Adopt a name for the district that includes the words "groundwater replenishment district".

6. Adopt a seal for the district and alter it at its pleasure.

7. Employ a general manager, who shall serve at its pleasure, and define and fix his or her duties and compensation.

8. Require that all monies received on behalf of the district be deposited in such funds as may be established by the district to be spent at the direction of the board as provided by this chapter. Monies that are not required immediately may be invested for periods of not more than five years in any of the following, unless otherwise provided:

(a) Certificates of deposit.

(b) Repurchase agreements with public depositories.

(c) Obligations issued or guaranteed by the United States or any of the senior debt of its agencies, sponsored agencies, corporations, sponsored corporations or instrumentalities.

(d) Securities issued by this state or an agency or instrumentality of this state.

(e) An investment pool established under section 35-326.

9. Appoint a seven member technical advisory committee from individuals nominated by district members.

10. Perform all acts necessary to carry out the purposes of this chapter.

B. Immediately on organization, the initial board of directors shall initiate proceedings to determine the application of federal voting laws to the district and shall take any necessary action to comply with the applicable federal laws.