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48-5701. Definitions

In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. "Board" means the district board of directors.

2. "Chairman" means the person elected to preside over meetings of the board of directors.

3. "Clerk" or "district clerk" means the clerk of the county board of supervisors.

4. "District" means an agriculture preservation district established pursuant to this article.

5. "Lot" includes any portion, piece, parcel or subdivision of land except a railroad right-of-way.

6. "Military airport" has the same meaning prescribed in section 28-8461.

7. "Owner" means the person in whose name legal title appears by recorded deed, or the person in possession under claim of title, as the person exercising acts of ownership or as the personal representative of the owner.

8. "Treasurer" or "district treasurer" means the treasurer of the county in which the district is located.

9. "Unincorporated district area" means any portion of a district that is not within the limits of an incorporated city or town.