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48-6651. Annual budget

(Conditionally Rpld. Delayed Rpld.)

A. On or before June 30 of each year, the board shall hold a public hearing to adopt a budget for the following fiscal year that includes:

1. District receipts during the preceding fiscal year.

2. District expenditures during the preceding fiscal year.

3. Estimates of amounts necessary for expenses during the following fiscal year, including amounts proposed for:

(a) Costs of planning, constructing, financing and maintaining the district's facilities.

(b) Administrative costs of the district.

4. Anticipated revenue to the district from each source in the following fiscal year.

5. A complete asset and liability statement.

6. A statement of profit or loss.

7. Cash on hand as of the date the budget is adopted and the anticipated balance at the end of the current fiscal year.

8. An itemized statement of commitments, reserves and anticipated obligations for the following fiscal year.

9. A description of the amount and nature of private funding and financing committed to regional attraction venue purposes as required by section 48-6673, subsection F.

B. The board may amend the budget on a finding of good cause.