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49-1071. The grant account

A. The grant account consists of the portion of the underground storage tank tax collections that are deposited in the account under section 49-1036 and any other monies designated for the account by the legislature. Monies from state appropriations shall not be used for administrative costs.

B. The department may use monies in the grant account as follows:

1. To make grants to owners and operators of underground storage tanks pursuant to this article.

2. To reimburse the department for the costs of administering the grant account. The reasonable costs of the department in administering this article shall be reimbursed from the grant account, but the grant account shall not be charged with any other costs incurred by the department under this chapter.

C. The department shall not make any grant from the grant account to the United States or its agencies, or this state or its agencies. No grant shall be made to owners and operators for any purpose relating to underground storage tanks used for the purpose of storing, handling or distributing naphtha-type jet fuel or kerosene-type jet fuel.